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Door chimes

Innovation and quality…you can hear the difference!
Door Chimes

Traditionally the Friedland brand has been associated with high quality and product excellence. Now Friedland are also offering innovation for the consumer and you can hear the difference! The design of these chimes is not only aesthetically pleasing with their modern stylish designs, but you will hear the difference with the innovative high quality sounds that are included throughout the range.

There are several different models to suit every type of application. Within the wireless range we have the Décor models, which are wall mounted and their slim-line design will complement the aesthetics of any modern interior. Part of the Décor range are the Friedland glass chimes with chrome effect detail and a choice of CD quality chime tunes.

The EVO+ wireless chimes are a portable, freestanding system with a contemporary style, ideal for use around the home or garden, with CD quality sound in a wide range of chime tunes. You are guaranteed to find the right sound for your homes entry.

High quality hardwired chimes are also available with CD quality sound. There are two modern Décor glass wired chimes to further show our commitment to offering professional products for the professional contractor. There are several other hardwired chime options including the Mini chimes which offer a small compact chime with a choice of high quality tunes.

Door chimes are often something that is taken for granted, but Simx together with Friedland are committed to developing and improving the technology to ensure consumers and contractors have a chime that is not only modern in its design, but also have high quality sounds. Friedland, providing high quality door chime solutions.

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